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For more than 15 years the Beach House Restaurant guests have been treated to great food and warm, friendly and efficient service at a fantastic beach side location. 

What started off as a colorful, 50 seat restaurant, is now a 150 seat, contemporary, Grenadian destination with a reputation for excellence in all we do upheld to the motto that we wear on our backs, “to be of service.”

The Beach House concept was developed by the home grown brainchild of a culinary and hospitality degree background, Stanley Minors in 1997.  It was his desire to bring food and service to the forefront of his family’s native homeland, using a twist of local ingredients to compliment international fare with unsurpassed warmth and charm of the Grenadian people. 

Today, it is a popular, family and business partner owned restaurant specializing in all that Stanley set it out to be, enjoyed beyond the special occasion at a valuable price each and every day.

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